XXIII Seminary Pasquale Società di Danza

During the Easter weekend from 3 to the 6 April 2015 It took place in Tabiano Terme (PR) the XXIII Seminary Pasquale Società di Danza, which was attended by over 130 Dancers from all over Italy and abroad, including some members of the Società di Danza Bolognese.

The Seminar Easter plays a very important role in the community life of the Società di Danza. During the Stage they are presented and dancers rehearse new, those who come into the repertoire in subsequent years. It is therefore a laboratory that allows all, each at their own level, to enjoy the charm of new choreographies. An intensive laboratory, in which the dance wraps full, It fills all day long, allowing a maturing technical unthinkable to class. It is a way to forge relationships through dance; in the sweat of the many hours of lessons as the conviviality of the table shared, We have an important moment in our community life.

This year we had the pleasure of having among the teachers of the seminar also the master of Patrick Chamoin RSCDS Paris.