Scottish Party 2020

Scottish Party 2020


Scottish Party 2020 - Saturday 1 February 2020 theSocietà di Danza Bolognese has organized the annual Scottish dance, event eagerly awaited by the Bolognese members, enthusiasts to contredanses. At the party attended, in addition to the Bolognese members, Also dancers from other cities in Emilia Romagna, how Ferrara, Forlì, Mirandola, Parma and Reggio Emilia, Lombardy like Mantova, Tuscany such as Florence and Trent as Trento.

The party was held in the beautiful Chicco room Balboni, House downtown S. Chiara, Thank you for the hospitality.

The afternoon is spent in a cheerful succession of Reel, Jig e Strathspey, interspersed with animated dances and funny game dances,  to involve guests non dancers, at the party.

The musical accompaniment was edited by Riccardo Pratesi and his band.

Only the abundant buffet interrupted, mid-afternoon, the succession of dances, allowing dancers and musicians to recharge your energy to the dances that still lay ahead.

To the dancers he was given a gadget from the city's culinary tradition: a cheerful colored cloth bag containing some raviole with chutney of apples and pears, provided to us from the furnace of our partner Maura.

We thank all the numerous participants present for helping to make this event special as ever.

Special thanks go to the members and partners who contributed to the success of the party, giving their help in setting the room and the wonderful buffet and packaging the gift bags for dancers.

Finally, thank you again for the wonderful photos that allow us each time to keep alive the memory of a beautiful afternoon spent together dancing.