Christmas Grand Ball at the Real Collegio di Lucca

Christmas Grand Ball at the Real Collegio di Lucca


As part of the event "the delights of Puccini ", Saturday 19 December 2015 It was organized by the Società di Danza Lucca Christmas Grand Ball at the prestigious Real Collegio di Lucca, which among others was attended by the members of the Società di Danza Bolognese.

The sumptuousness of the halls of the Royal College and the beauty of the dances performed by the dancers dance company made grand ball Christmas a cultural event fun and fine dining to whom were able to attend the numerous visitor. The Grand Ball was followed by a delicious dinner for dancers.

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Spanish Waltz, Come under my plaidie, Quadrille The Corsairs, Waltz The Daughter of the Regiment, Mazurka Fata Morgana, Crom All, Waltz Youth Songs, Marcia del Postiglione, Quadrille Cagliostro, The Mazurka Musa Danzante, Valzer Wiener Couplets, The Paisley Weavers, No Three, Le Beau Monde Quadrille, Gallop.

Extra: The Cranberry Tart, Polka Arabella