March dancing 2019 Participation of members Bolognese

March dancing 2019 Participation of members Bolognese


March Danzante 2019 - Spring begins by many circles to bloom and with it the dances organized in every corner of Italy Società di Danza. Still there are many opportunities to meet old friends and make new ones, and there is weekend that has not his ball held. The Bolognese members have participated in some of them, particularly in Florence and Ferrara.


Grand Ball Iris - Firenze


In a beautiful, sunny day in early spring, Sunday 24 March, Florentine hills, the circle of the Florence Società di Danza organized the Grand Ball Iris, in the picturesque setting of Villa Viviani in Settignano.

The Bolognese members did not let slip the opportunity and decided to participate, and enjoy a delightful Sunday. The beautiful view of the hills, The unexpected hot in beautiful spring day and the reception of the Florentines members have made very pleasant day. The villa is completely and beautifully furnished in every room; at the end of the dance, in the beautiful veranda, is an excellent buffet dinner was served.


Gran Ballo del Plebiscito - Ferrara


Saturday 30 March, in partnership withMuseum of the Risorgimento and the Resistance Ferrara, the Società di Danza Circle Ferrarese presented the Gran Ballo del Plebiscito, which for the first time in the club history, It was held in the historic and meaningful frame of the seat Palace Town Hall of the city of Ferrara.

The Grand Ball Ottocentesco was a tribute to the Risorgimento, a way to emphasize, through a social dance art event, the fundamental values ​​of the Italian Risorgimento history and Ferrara, with reference to Plebiscito Ferrarese March 1860 che portò all'annessione della città al Regno d'Italia.

The Grand Ball was preceded by a short and interesting introduction by the Prof.Davide Mantovani on the historical context of the dance of nineteenth-century society of the period, Also with reference to the period Ferrara.

At the end of the dance, to refresh and cool off, It was served an excellent aperitif, pleasant conclusion of each Grand Ball Circle Ferrarese.