May dancing 2019 – Participation of members Bolognese

May dancing 2019 – Participation of members Bolognese


Dance May 2019

As every year, with the arrival of the beautiful days, the month of May opens the Grand Ballroom outdoor season. The circles of the Società di Danza Federation, in various Italian cities, reproduce events become part of the annual tradition, as well as proposing new. The dancers have the possibility to participate in many beautiful events, organized into unique and evocative. Sometimes they would like to be in two places Contemporaneously!



Grand Ball Risorgimentale - Mascagni Terrace - Leghorn


Saturday 11 May, in the beautiful Terrace Mascagni, overlooking the sea in Livorno, many of the dancers of Dance Company, coming from many cities in Italy, They have created the Grand Ball Risorgimento. The event was also attended by many students of the High School of Livorno Cecioni, specially prepared by the Society of Dance in collaboration with the school for the event. The event was organized on the occasion of the commemoration and celebration of 170 Moti years of the Risorgimento Livorno 10-11 May 1849. In these days are reminiscent of the heroic resistance of the city from the siege of the Austrian troops. The Grand Ball was organized by the Circolo Livornese della Società di Danza, in partnership with Livorno Committee for the promotion of the values of the Risorgimentoand Municipality of Livorno.

The Grand Ball was preceded, the morning, as a preview in the beautiful Hall of Mirrors of Villa Mimbelli, hosting the Civic Museum G. Factors.

The Bolognese members have really participated in numerous. The day, colder than expected, He has forced the audience to wear heavier clothing than usual, but the dancers are not deterred and with lora dances have heated the unusually windy day.

As is tradition, The evening continued with an excellent dinner of fish and even many fun dances in a casual dress.

Grand Ball in villa on the lake - Villa Gallia - As


Sunday 26 May the Società di Danza of Como Circle has organized for the fourth year, at Villa Gallia, the Grand Ball in villa on the lake.

Some members have decided to participate Bolognese, so spending a nice weekend together. The sunny day and the magical atmosphere created by the dances have left a beautiful memory in participants.

The "gite" together they help to create and strengthen friendships among members outside the scope of the only dance.