May dancing 2018 participation of members Bolognese

May dancing 2018 participation of members Bolognese


As every year, with the arrival of the beautiful days, the month of May opens the Grand Ballroom outdoor season, organized by the clubs of the Federation of Dance Company in various Italian cities. The dancers have the possibility to participate in many beautiful events, organized into unique and evocative.

The Bolognese members this year were present in the following Grand Ballroom:


Grand Ball Risorgimentale - Mascagni Terrace - Leghorn


Saturday 12 May, In a beautiful, breezy sunny day, the beautiful sea of ​​Livorno and the Terrazza Mascagni, that's about it faces, welcomed the many dancers from many cities of Italy, together with the students of High School Cecioni, They have created the Grand Ball Risorgimento. The event, created to celebrate the Moti del Risorgimento Livorno 10-11 May 1849, When we remember the heroic resistance of the town from the siege of Austrian troops, It was organized by the Circolo Livornese Dance Company, in partnership with Livorno Committee for the promotion of the values of the Risorgimento and Municipality of Livorno. Took part in the children of Bartolena and Brin schools in partisan costumes prom opening also. As is tradition, The evening continued with an excellent dinner of fish and even many fun dances in a casual dress.



Grand Ball Ottocentesco - Loggia del Lionello - Udine


Saturday 19 maggio alcuni soci bolognesi hanno partecipato al primo Gran Ballo Ottocentesco organizzato dal Circolo di Trieste della Società di Danza presso Palazzo d'Aronco, in the beautiful and special Loggia del Lionello. The wind and the clouds gave way to a pleasant afternoon where the dances have followed without interruption, ending with a nice snack served at the end of the dance.


Grand Ball Risorgimentale - Cortile d'Onore di Palazzo Ducale - Modena


Sunday 27 May, the Società di Danza, in collaboration with the Military Academy of Modena, It organized, as every year, nel bellissimo Cortile d'Onore del Palazzo Ducale, Accademia Militare di Modena,  the Grand Ball Risorgimentale. More than a hundred members of the Società di Danza from various cities, including Bologna, and some couples formed by cadets of the Military Academy and prom girls, led by National President Dr.. Fabio Mòllica, They danced the waltz notes, quadrilles, marches, contraddanze. The event provided the debut of some young members Bolognese, excited at the thought of dancing in place, the day before, si svolge l'annualeDance of Debutantes.