dance Winter 2019 Participation of members Bolognese

dance Winter 2019 Participation of members Bolognese


dance Winter 2019 - Leaving the New Year, national event that involves members throughout Italy, from other clubs we are ready to participate in the events of Società di Danza. The Bolognese members have participated in some of them, so that you can still practice the dances of the quarter in progress, waiting to start over with a new program. At dances were also many members who signed in October, their debut.


Grand Masked Ball al Circolo Sersanti - Imola


In late January, as every year, ecco arrivare l'imperdibile appuntamento con il Grand Bal Masquè a Palazzo Sersanti, organized by the Circle of Imola Dance Company.

Il ballo è sempre l'occasione di trascorrere insieme un'allegra e spensierata giornata in compagnia, sneaking in dances in a serene and fun.

L'atmosfera è stata come al solito gioiosa. The afternoon was enlivened by jokes and unexpected disguises. The welcome and the organization were delicious as always, and the beautiful dances. During the Grand Ball we were served an expansive and delicious snack.

At the dance they were also attended by some new members who signed Bologna during this year.

The Great Dances represent important moments aggregative for Società di Danza, because they allow members to several cities, from beginners to experts, to learn about and engage in dances so carefree.



Grand Ball Risorgimentale "3 February 1831" - Palazzo Ducale - Military Academy - Modena


Sunday 3 February, all'interno del Palazzo Ducale in Modena, the circle of Modena Company of Dance organized the Grand Ball Risorgimento. Il ballo invernale all'interno del Palazzo Ducale è stato un gradito ritorno.

The dance was held in memory of the revolutionary movements of the Modena 3 February 1831, led by Ciro Menotti, poi repressi dall'esercito austriaco.

At the dance they were attended by several members of the group from Bologna, and among them many beginners still members, desiderosi di trascorrere un'altra serena giornata in compagnia, ma anche attirati dal luogo prestigioso nel quale si è svolto l'evento.

Per i soci da poco iscritti è stata anche l'occasione per fare nuove conoscenze, almost a small society debut.

Il ballo è anche l'occasione per mostrarsi agli altri con un nuovo abito, the result of careful research with a touch of personal creativity.


Gala Carnival - Mirandola


Saturday 23 February, at at Villa Fund Cut in Mirandola it was held the Gala Carnival "Un ballo in maschera". L'evento è stato organizzato dal Circolo di Mirandola della Società di Danza, in support specialist care medical home for cancer patients and cancer prevention projects for free ANT Foundation Italy NPO.

Anche in quest'occasione, They were attended by many members Bolognese, desiderosi di trascorrere un'allegra serata in compagnia.

And to relax at the end of the dance, è seguita un'ottima cena, to end all together in joy a beautiful day.