Grand Masked Ball Ferrara – Hall of Maps

Grand Masked Ball Ferrara – Hall of Maps


Saturday 4 March 2017, beautiful in the Maps exhibition at the National Archaeological Museum of Ferrara, theCircolo Ferrarese of Società di Danza It organized, as every year, he Grand Masked Ball, to which the shareholders of the Società di Danza Bolognese were pleased to participate. The dance, started in the afternoon, It lasted until evening, in a festive and playful, between romantic waltz, playful quadrilles, contraddanze, polke francesi, mazurkas and marches. Participants were able to walk in the beautiful garden and during breaks between dance and the other were given access to a buffet.



The Palace Costabili

Home to the National Archaeological Museum of Ferrara, Palazzo Costabili, also said to Ludovico il Moro, It belonged from the '500 to Antonio Costabili, Secretary of Ludovico, personalities of the court of Duke Ercole I d'Este. The building was initially designed by Biagio Rossetti, then by Girolamo Pasini and Christopher Ambrose from Milan,  and then provided with works by famous sculptors and painters of the time. From the large courtyard is accessed, It climbs through a porch to the garden and a staircase decorated the main floor with interiors decorated and painted wooden ceilings and rooms.
From 1935 home of the prestigious National Archaeological Museum with material from the necropolis of Spina,
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Spanish Waltz, Prince Lilliput march, Quadrille The daughter of Madame Angot (1-III), Carousel Waltz Dame, It’s all right, Mazurka In Patria, Quadrille St. Petersburg (I-III),  Marcia Viennese, Quadrille I Vespri Siciliani, Waltz Sympathy, Caldercruix, Polka Arabella, The Parisienne quality selections (I-III),  Waltz Louis XV, Bacchus Marcia, Mazurka Les Sylphides, Artist's Life Waltz, Gallop