Grand Ball Verdi

Sunday 25 January 2015 the shareholders of the Società di Danza Bolognese attended the Grand Ball Verdi held in the beautiful Villa Pallavicino the National Museum Giuseppe Verdi in Busseto (PR). The event was attended by more than 200 dancers from all over Italy was organized by the Federation of Dance Company directed by Fabio Mollica.

Grand Ball Verdi

National Museum Giuseppe Verdi in Busseto (PR)

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Programme Dances:


Spanish Waltz, Marcia's Jubilee, Reel for Jeannie, Quadriglia Indra, Waltz of Maestro Luigini, , Mazurka In Patria, Marcia Avantgarde, Quadrille Heralds, Waltz Watercolors, Cumberland reel, Mazurka Fata Morgana, Waltz Sympathy, Lady C.Bruce's reel