Gran Ballo Risorgimentale in Piazza Minghetti

Gran Ballo Risorgimentale in Piazza Minghetti


Under the summer festival well #bolognaestate 2015, the program of activities promoted and coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna, Sunday 6 September was held in Piazza Minghetti Renaissance Grand Ball organized by the cultural association Dance Company Bolognese.

Watercolor made from "Art Workshop Silvia Bruzzi"

It is proposed to revive, in one of the most beautiful squares of Bologna entitled the bolognese Marco Minghetti, protagonist of the story of the Italian Risorgimento, a large Renaissance Dance attended by a hundred dancers dance society in 19th century costume, from all over Italy.

The Grand Ball Risorgimento is the ideal reconstruction of a Dance Festival organized to celebrate the unification of Italy and the ideals of freedom, justice and progress. The dancing was in the 19th century the Central moment of the life of society and in the years of the Risorgimento struggles were a privileged place, at par Theatre, for the dissemination of ideas unitary, Liberal Democrats.

The dancers have revived the charming atmosphere of the society of the time, dancing quadrilles, waltz, contraddanze, Mazurkas and polkas on the music of great Italian and foreign composers like Verdi, Paganini, Rossini and Strauss.

Before the Ball took a long promenade leading dancers from Palazzo Grassi, the clubhouse Officers, along independence Street, cross Piazza Maggiore and via Clavature until Piazza Minghetti.

Program of dances

Spanish Waltz, Marcia Risorgimentale, Waltz Louis XV, Quadrille A Night in Venice, Waltz of the Flowers, Loon Mountain Reel, Mazurka Fata Morgana, Quadrille of Dame, Marcia Military Schubert, Lady C.Bruce's Reel (CP25), Waltz La Gazza Ladra, Quadrille Duelists, Waltz in the Paganini, Marcia Rome