Grand Ball in St. Petersburg

Grand Ball in St. Petersburg


The Società di Danza Bolognese attended the Grand Imperial Ballet in Saint Petersburg (Russia) organized bySocietà di Danza in collaboration with Società di Danza Saint Petersburg. The dance was created Saturday 23 April in the Imperial RoomTaleon Imperial Hotel. The beautiful Hall and the presence of live music made the big dance special events.


Here is the comment down to us by a member of Bologna:

"It was a wonderful experience, well organized and then with the Russians.. beautiful people, gentilissime, very gallant and very good at dancing.. always smiling .... all very young and always well disposed to invite .... After each dance always took me back to my place, really make you feel important ... we were there from 16 and at 23 There were 4 dances ..."




Spanish Waltz, Marcia Caroussel, French quadrille, waltzing Flames, Contraddanza Candles in the dark, Mazurka Annina, 

Pas de trois, Quadriglia Polo, Waltz Ganglovienne, Contraddanza Cambridge waltz, Mazurka Frou-Frou, Heimats children, Polka troika, market, Marcia Risorgimentale, Waltz waves, Hungarian March, Nice to see you, Waltz La Vague, Walt Country Dance, Gallop, 

Waltz free and cotillion