June dancing 2018 participation of members Bolognese

June dancing 2018 participation of members Bolognese


Also in June 2018 It was rich in events, in every part of Italy. Some Great Balls were made of unique places for their history, as Palazzo Carignano in Turin, or have not yet been opened to the public, as Gulinelli Palace in Ferrara, just restored.

The Bolognese members have decided to participate just to these two really wonderful events.


Great Ball of the Risorgimento - National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento - Palazzo Carignano - Turin


Sunday 3 June Torinese Circle of Dance Company organized a Grand Ball of the Risorgimento in the beautiful Palazzo Carignano, Home of the National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento. The dancers have started the event with a long promenade, game from Palazzo Carignano, passing through the stately squares in the center of Turin, up to climb in the beautiful staircase of Honor, to begin the grand ball in the Hall of Italian Chamber of plebiscites and in the adjacent room. For more than two hours, the hundred dancers in attendance hovered on the waltz music, quadrilles, marches, mazurkas and contredanses, moving between the beautiful and impressive paintings of some of the major battles of the Italian Risorgimento. The public, very welcoming and numerous, He attended the Grand Ball with keen attention.



Grand Ball at Palazzo Gulinelli - Ferrara


Saturday 16 June, the Società di Danza Ferrarese Circle was able to organize Grand Ball to Palazzo Gulinelli. The dwelling, home to a private school and the Institute Canons Mattei, It has been recently restored following the damage caused by the earthquake of 2012 and it will ridestinata to its previous use with the start of the new school year. For dancers, who were able to enjoy the thrill of performing waltz, quadrilles, marches, mazurkas and contredanses in an area normally not open to the public, hovering in the original Sala Araba and in the charming Sala degli Stucchi, it was a truly unique event. After the dances, in the ground floor rooms, is a nice buffet was set up.