Grand Masked Ball al Circolo Sersanti – Imola

Grand Masked Ball al Circolo Sersanti – Imola


Grand Masked Ball - Sunday 19 February, at Imola, in elegant and comfortable rooms of the Club Sersanti at Imola, was organized bySocietà di Danza - Imola he Gran Masked Ball, in which we participated with numerous pleasure.  The atmosphere was cheerful and joyous as usual. The afternoon was really fun,  enlivened by jokes and unexpected disguises. The welcome and the organization were delicious as always, and the beautiful dances. During the Grand Ball we were served an expansive and delicious snack, with drinks and hot tea.

At the dance they were also attended by some new members who signed Bologna during this year.

The Great Dances represent important moments aggregative for Società di Danza, because they allow members to several cities, from beginners to experts, to learn about and engage in dances so carefree.




Spanish Waltz, Craigleith Reel, Square Dancing Storm, Waltz student dreams, Marcia Viennese, Flora' fancy Jig, Mazurka Alpenrose, Contraddanza Rosamunde, quadrille Parigina, Waltz Wine women and song, Mazurka Heart to Heart, Contraddanza Questa o quella, Polka Irene, Quadrigia Colosseum, Waltz Carlton, Mazurka Sylphides, Marcia Rome. Extra: Miss Eleanor Strathspey