6 Nations Championship Rugby Italy – Scotland

6 Nations Championship Rugby Italy – Scotland


On the occasion of the Rugby gameItaly - Scotland of the "6 Nations 2016 Feminine", held on Sunday 28 February in Bologna, at the stadium "Pier Paolo good", the Società di Danza has been invited by the organizers of the event to attend with three Scottish dance interventions:

Saturday 27 February 2016

hours 16,00

Piazza Maggiore - Bologna

Scottish Dances for all


Through dance is getting the message that sport is Union and meeting of cultures and people by tying a festive moment at international match of the day after. The Società di Danza brought the audience to dance along with some traditional Scottish country dances among the most fun and engaging.

Sunday, February 28 2016

Stadium "Pier Paolo good"

Centro Sportivo Arcoveggio - Bologna


Between 1° and 2° half of the match

Exhibitions of Scottish Country Dances


During the interval of the match the dancers performed a medley of some of the most famous traditional Scottish dances.


At the end of the game

Third time to the beat of Reel


At the end of the game, who saw the azzurre prevail for 22 a 7, the Società di Danza has animated the third Time involving athletes and audience in Scottish dance funny.