talents 2018

talents 2018


talents 2018 - Talents in Rer - Thursday 6 December the Società di Danza Bolognese has participated for the second year in TalentER, show organized for the past seven years by the CRAL of the Emilia Romagna Region and sees the participation of employees themselves.

L'event, which takes place atTeatro Dehon, It is beneficial purpose and the proceeds are donated toAgeop for Siepelunga home that welcomes parents of children, from all over Italy, to make the hospital chemotherapy S.Orsola.

It 'a very salient event and in recent years has always been sold out (ben 500 seats sold).

Since the first edition, by now 7 Years ago, the show has acquired a considerable degree of quality, talents from the fray was passed to excellent performance.

This time the public also made up of colleagues and friends of the participants was entusiata, it was a good night for more than two-hour show.

The title of the show this year was "Svariegato Show"; employees of the Region have performed in various performances with the theme of the cabaret. The Società di Danza Bolognese was invited to participate anyway, with a major operation lasting compared to the previous year.

Group photo

They performed a waltz, a quadrille of English tradition, still a waltz and the final figure of a quadrille.

The Società di Danza Bolognese gratefully acknowledges the CRAL of the Emilia Romagna Region for allowing her to repeat the wonderful experience and to share in TalentER 2018.

Here's an excerpt:


The full video of the event can be downloaded from the website Lepida.