Seminary Teachers / Improvement

Sunday 8 February 2015 was held in Bologna Seminary Teachers / Improvement conducted by Fabio Mòllica, President of the Federation of Dance Company, and Simonetta Balsamo, taught the Company of Dance and the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. The seminar took place at the hall dell'Emporio Dance Gabusi, via Melozzo da Forli n. 44, pm 10,30 at 17,30, with the following program: Reel, Strathspey e Jig; The Waltz “modern” and its figures; Fluidity and difficulty in quadrilles; Polka: steps and historical figures; French Contredance. The seminar is dedicated to the participants in the Course Teachers and dancers to advanced level.

Upcoming events of this cycle of meetings will be held in Rome on 1 March and in Stezzano (BG) in data 8 March.