Scottish Party

Scottish Party


Scottish Party - Saturday 6 February, the Society of Dance Bolognese organized a dancing Scottish Tea, at the recreation room of the Educational Center "Balboni Chicco" Villanova di Castenaso (BO), attended in addition to the Bolognese members also many dancers from other cities, even as far away as Turin and Trento. Scottish contredanses between Reel, Jig and Strathspey have taken place with rhythm, following the program indicated in the carnet, occasionally interspersed with animation dances and dances game, to involve guests non dancers, at the party. All seasoned with some jokes and mysterious masked dancers circling around the room .... It was still carnival.

Throughout the dance was possible to use and refresh themselves with hot tea and cookies, and mid-afternoon was offered to all participants a hearty and very welcome snack.

To the dancers it was given a brooch depicting remember the Scottish flag with the center of the Dance Company logo.

We thank all the dancers present for helping to make this special event. Special thanks go to the members and partners who have set up the hall, prepared the cotillion and made great pictures and videos to keep alive the memory of a beautiful afternoon spent together dancing.

Video of Stefano Paolini social care

Program of dances:

The Merry Reapers, Dunnet Head, flag Bana, Davy’s Locker, Crom All, The Waratha Weaver, Tickle my Fancy, Come Under my Plaidie, The Paisley Weaver, Antartica Bound, Autumn in Appin, Marine Two Step, Tap the Barrel, The Fireworks Reel, Waltz Country Dance, Gibson’s Gallop