Scottish Christmas Party

Scottish Christmas Party


Scottish Christmas Party - Saturday 3 December, theSocietà di Danza Bologna has organized a dance party Scottish, at the center of 'Emporio Dance Gabusi Bologna. At the party attended, in addition to the Bolognese members, also many dancers from other nearby cities, as Imola, Ferrara, Modena, Forlì and Cesena. Scottish contredanses between Reel, Jig and Strathspey have lived happily and tirelessly. They were interspersed with animated dances and funny game dances,  to involve guests non dancers, at the party.

By mid-afternoon we were offered to all participants a hearty and very welcome snack, It consists of many sweet and savory.

The dancers have been given a brooch made of plaid remember.

We thank all the dancers present for helping to make this special event. Special thanks go to the member and to members who have set up the room and the beautiful buffet. Thanks again to those who made the decorations and brooch remember. Finally, thanks for the beautiful pictures that allow us to keep alive the memory of a beautiful afternoon spent together dancing.