Great Ball at Rocchetta Mattei 2019

Great Ball at Rocchetta Mattei 2019


Saturday 15 June, always in the fantastic setting ofRocchetta Mattei, for the third consecutive year, the Company of Dance Bolognese achieved a Grand Ball Ottocentesco in one of the most evocative of the Bolognese historic homes.

Your invite the City of Grizzana Morandi, the Grand Ball was organized at the opening of an extraordinary evening, during which they were made tours which allowed to attend the event.

The Grand Ball Ottocentesco is designed to pay tribute to the historical period in which the Rocchetta Mattei achieved fame and beauty that still preserves. The Grand Ballroom in the nineteenth century were the high point of the town and social life since the years of the Risorgimento were fighting a privileged place, for the dissemination of ideas unitary, Liberal Democrats.

In a wonderful summer evening, led by a master of ceremonies, over 40 dancers Società di Danza from Bologna and the nearby cities, They have revived the charming atmosphere of the society of festivals.

The picturesque setting of the courtyard of the well added to the atmosphere even more magical dances and the audience attended the exhibition in a beautiful setting, admiring quadrilles, waltz, contraddanze, mazurkas and polkas performed on the most beautiful music of the great Italian and foreign composers.

At the end of the evening, Also the dancers were able to visit Rocchetta, during a visit evocative night-time tour. The Rocchetta Mattei, indeed, thanks to the skillful lighting, at night it is even more magical, between games of lights and shadows.

Thanks as always the city of Grizzana Morandi to the exquisite hospitality and availability.