Grand Ball Ottocentesco under the Two Towers 2018

Grand Ball Ottocentesco under the Two Towers 2018


Relive the atmosphere of nineteenth-century dancesunder the majestic gaze of the statue by Giambologna, with quadrilles, waltz, contraddanze, mazurkas and polkas, ballads in period costume for more than 100 dancers from all over Italy: it was possible Saturday 22 Septemberall 17 Piazza Nettuno in Bologna in Great nineteenth-century dancecurated by the culturalSocietà di Danza Bolognese.

Now in its 3aedition, The event was organized under the patronage of the Emilia Romagna, the Municipality and the City of Bologna Metro, during the event "the Salsamentarie 2018 - knowledge & Flavors Palace", promoted by Mutual Salsamentari 1876and organized by The Real Bolognaise Sause- Onlus (the association that fights for the original recipe for Bolognese sauce will become a World Heritage Site), which was held in Palazzo Re Enzogives Friday 21 see you on Sunday 23 September.

All 16,30 It has opened the promenade, the parade that the headquarters of the Army officers at Circle Palazzo Grassi, (Via Marsala 12) It led the dancers in colorful and stylish triplets to travel Via Independencesince under the Nettuno. Here at 17, the rhythm of the notes of Verdi, Rossini, Strauss, the dancers showed the audience a real nineteenth-century society party, with the typical figures of each dance and, mostly, with the label featuring dances: an art that requires not only the technical virtues of the steps but also know how to live the dance as a high moment of sociability. “Cavalieri, invite your ladies!". So the master of ceremonies invited the dancers to arrange themselves and to start the ball rolling.

Photo album

Photo by Pierpaolo Paris - Sanshine counter Macalo -

Simona Ghini

Program of dances

Spanish Waltz, Marcia Caoussel, Lancers Quadrille, Waltz La Gazza Ladra, Mazurka Fata Morgana, Contraddanza William Tell, Waltz The Daughter of the Regiment, Waltz Elena, French quadrille 1-4-5, Marcia Kossuth, Waltz of the Flowers, Gallop.