Gran Ballo Risorgimentale in Piazza Minghetti

Gran Ballo Risorgimentale in Piazza Minghetti


Saturday 21 September Minghetti Square was transformed into a beautiful ballroom. The nineteenth-century buildings that surround it are the perfect setting of the Grand Ball Risorgimento, organized to celebrate 160 years of the Assembly's declaration of Romagna, that in September 1859 Bologna, under the chairmanship of Marco Minghetti, Bologna protagonist of the history of the Italian Risorgimento, proclaimed he no longer wants the papal temporal power, proposing the annexation to the future Kingdom of Italy, that led to the next plebiscite of March 1860.



"We the representatives of the peoples of Romagna, gathered in General Assembly, appellandone God of the rectitude of our intentions declare that the people of Romagna, claimed their right, no longer want the papal temporal power. "

It's the day 6 September 1859 When, under the complacent gaze of the President of the Assembly, Cavalier Marco Minghetti, It is passed unanimously this historic decision to Bologna and the Romagna region.

The Second War of Independence has just ended victoriously and Italian independence cause has made decisive progress.

After centuries of conflict with the temporal power of the Church, After active participation in the uprisings especially with the extraordinary victory of 8 August '48, Bologna finally gets the coveted independence from papal power thanks to the unanimous participation of its citizens and without bloodshed, thus combining their local aspirations due to the National Patriotic.

It will take several months for the plebiscite vote in March 1860 providing for the annexation to the Kingdom of Sardinia, It destined to become very soon the Kingdom of Italy.

Meanwhile Bologna is celebrating the historic and irreversible conquest and wherever they organize Big Dance to celebrate the ideals of freedom justice and progress at the base of the Risorgimento.

Guided by a master of ceremonies, dancers of Società di Danza They have revived the charming atmosphere of the society of the time parties, dancing quadrilles, waltz, contraddanze, mazurkas and polkas on the most beautiful music of the great Italian and foreign composers such as Verdi, Rossini, Donizetti and Strauss.


Program of dances

Spanish Waltz, No Three, Quadriglia Charivari 1-2-3, Mazurka Cavaliere Pasman, Contraddanza Martyrs, Waltz Don Carlo, Marcia Arlesienne, Waltz La Gazza Ladra, Marcia Fatinitza, Square Dancing Gypsy Baron 1-2-5, waltzing Flames, Contr. Cinderella, Waltz of the Flowers, Galop William Tell