Masquerade Ball New Year's Eve 2016

Masquerade Ball New Year


Friday, January 1 2016

pm 16,00 at 19,00

Grand Ball New Year 2016

Salone del Podesta - Palazzo Re Enzo

The dance society is pleased to invite you to

Grand ball new year's Eve 2016

Salone del Podestà of Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna


In the largest historic saloon that exists in Italy, We will achieve a great nineteenth-century Dance to celebrate the new year, with the participation of dancers Società di Danza in 19th century costume, from all over Italy.

The event is organized in collaboration with two important Bolognese Onlus, the a. G.E.O. P. (Parents Association Pediatric Oncology Hematology) and BolognA i. L. (Italian Association against leukemia, Lymphoma and myeloma Bologna Onlus), in favour of which will be donated the proceeds of the event.

The dancers will revive the fascinating atmosphere of the celebrations of company time, dancing quadrilles, waltz, contraddanze, Mazurkas and polkas on the music of great Italian and foreign composers like Paganini, Rossini, Donizetti, Verdi and Strauss.



hours 16.00 - 17.15 The first part of the dance

hours 17.15 - 17.45 Pause

hours 17.45 - 19.00 The second part of the dance


Program of dances 

Spanish Waltz, Marcia del Postiglione, RAMC Rant, Quadrille Cagliostro, Waltz of the Flowers, Pas de trois, Mazurka Fata Morgana, Le Beau Monde Quadrille, Nice to see you, Waltz à la Paganini, Hungarian March, Wiener Couplets, Quadrille The Corsairs, It should be fun, The Waltz La gazza ladra, Gallop.

To attend theGrand Ball New Year You mustBook andwithdraw theInvitations at:

Front Office A.g.e.o.p., via Massarenti 11, at Hall 13 Policlinico Sant'Orsola; Open from Monday to Friday 9-13 and 14-17; Tel. 051 399621; Email:

A.g.e.o.p. Point, via Giuseppe Bagheri 9; Open Monday 15-18; from Tuesday to Friday 10-13 and 15-18; Saturday hours 10-13;

Tel. 051 6494734; Email:

Temporary Charity Point of, via Castiglione 7/f; Open every day from 10.00 at 20.00;

BolognAIL, via Massarenti 9, at Institute of Hematology "L. and. Seràgnoli", Hall 8 Policlinico Sant'Orsola;

Tel. 051 397483; Email:

AIL House,Pelagio Palagi 16/3;

Tel. 051 392066; Email:


The Società di Danza, founded in Bologna in 1991 from M. Fabio Mòllica, with the Grand Ball pays tribute to history and to the fundamental values of European society. Values that have roots in democratic culture and liberal of 800. Learn and practice that have significant of our Western tradition, which company's dance and music composed for it, is an important way for us to bear witness to our desire to believe in the power and importance of modern Europe.

The dancing was in the 19th century, an element of cultural and social exchange valid throughout the West. The dance masters of time built, right to promote dance as a place and means of meeting, a system of dance technique and repertoire "European". A system of dance that was useful to all citizens, without national or linguistic barriers. The creation of Quadrilles, Country dance, Waltz, and couple dance figurate, materializes the game of social relations and rules on which was based the public life of 19th century society. At the same time brought to life an art form in which grace and precision of movement blend with the taste of encounter and chivalrous courtship.

European culture is taking shape in different genres of dance, from French quadrille, at the Austrian Waltz Anglo-Saxon country dances of Central European couple. The choice of music will pay tribute to several schools: Paganini, Johann Strauss father, Verdi, Rossini, Bellini, Donizetti, Johann II, Josef, Edward Strauss, and traditional Scottish country dance.