Feast start courses

Thursday 25 September 2014 at the Hall Spring Circle Trigari the Società di Danza Bolognese organized the Festival beginning courses attended, in addition to members of the association, many people and friends who intrigued by advertising and after attending the events organized during the summer they wanted to try some of the dances in the repertoire. The dance program of the evening saw many dances of involvement for everyone and some dance demonstration performed by members.

Feast start courses

Sala Primavera - Circle Trigari

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Program of dances:

Marcia Rome,
The Dhoon,
Festival Interceltique,
Marcia Risorgimentale,
Waltz à la Paganini,
Cotillon Marche,
Marine Two Step,
Riverside Jig,
French quadrille,
Spanish Waltz,
Boston Two Step,
Virginia Reel,
Your Roger,
The Loch Ness Monster,
Gothic dance,
Waltz of the Ligurian Republic,

Playbill beginning courses 2014/2015