Carnival Party 2015

Sunday 1 February 2015 the Società di Danza Bolognese organized a fun Carnival party at the Hall Spring Circle Trigari. Attended by over members Bolognese numerous dancers of other circles of Emilia Romagna and many friends who for the first time have grappled with our dances. The program included a mix of dance and nineteenth-century Scottish studied in different levels in the first quarter that has just ended, as well as adding a few extras to involve everyone present. The party lasted from 15.30 all 20.00 with a break center dedicated to the abundant buffet self realized with the contribution of all participants.

Carnival Party 2015

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Programme Dances:


Spanish Waltz,The Loon Mountain Reel, Quadrille Heralds, Marcia Avangarde, Waltz Parisienne, Waltz Watercolors, The Flora, Quadriglia Indra, The Diamond Jubilee, Lady C. Bruce’s Reel, Mazurka In Patria, Waltz Maestro Luigini, The Dancing Master, Marcia's Jubilee, Quadriglia songs, Mazurka Fata Morgana, Waltz Sympathy, Eightsome Reel, Gallop
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