Grand Ball New Year 2019

Grand Ball New Year 2019


In the largest historic saloon only existing span in Italy, the Società di Danza It achieved a Grand Ball Ottocentesco to celebrate the New Year, with the participation of dancers Società di Danza in 19th century costume, from all over Italy. The dancers have revived the charming atmosphere of the society of the time parties, dancing quadrilles, waltz, contraddanze, mazurkas and polkas on the music of great Italian and foreign composers.

The Grand Ball Ottocentesco was created as part of the Dancin'Bo, event from 28 December 2018 1 January 2019, He has proposed a full calendar of events to bring to the people the joy and beauty of dance, in all its forms, with appointments in the traditional places of dance and performance of author who transformed squares and arcades of Bologna in an open-air theater.

The project, created by Vittoria Cappelli and Monica Ratti, It turned to a large and diverse audience, of all ages and backgrounds, involving over 400 dancers and more than 25 Dance schools, associations cultural and sports and professional companies.

The program was held every night in places like downtown Palazzo Re Enzo, Fountain of Neptune, Voltone Podesta, Galleria Cavour, Square Merchandise, Piazza Maggiore, Piazza Galvani and Piazza dei Celestini, which were added4 Special evenings in neighborhoods, with moments to dance and dance performances to Social Center Montanari, TPO, Mercato Sonata and Social Arci Benassi Center

Dancin'Bo He was sponsored by the City of Bologna, of Chamber of Commerce of Bologna and support of Bologna Welcome, Ascom, Confcooperative, Confesercenti and Legacoop.

The Grand Ball Ottocentesco was preceded, all 12,30, by a brief preview: 40 dancers have hovered on the notes of the Spanish Waltz Eduard Strauss in the beautiful setting of Piazza Maggiore.



Program of dances 

Spanish Waltz, Marcia's Jubilee, Contraddanza Military, Quadrille Bortolotti (I,II,III), Waltz Tales of the East, Pas de trois, Boccaccio Quadrille (I,II,III), Waltz Wine, Women and Song, Quadrille This or That, The Viennese Quadrille Strofe,II,III), Waltz Dancers, Marcia Union, Waltz Don Carlo, Galop William Tell



The Società di Danza, founded in Bologna in 1991 from M. Fabio Mòllica, with the Grand Ball pays tribute to history and to the fundamental values of European society. Values that have roots in democratic culture and liberal of 800. Learn and practice that have significant of our Western tradition, which company's dance and music composed for it, is an important way for us to bear witness to our desire to believe in the power and importance of modern Europe.

The dancing was in the 19th century, an element of cultural and social exchange valid throughout the West. The dance masters of time, just to promote dance as a meeting place, They built a technical system and European "repertoire". A system of dance that was useful to all citizens, without national or linguistic barriers. In the realization of these dances, It materializes the game of relationships and rules on which was based the life of nineteenth-century society. At the same time brought to life an art form in which grace and precision of movement blend with the taste of encounter and chivalrous courtship.

European culture is taking shape in different genres of dance, from French quadrille, at the Austrian Waltz Anglo-Saxon country dances of Central European couple. The choice of music paid tribute to several schools: Paganini, Verdi, Rossini, Donizetti, the Strauss, and traditional Scottish country dance.