Coloriture 2019 – Liceo Classico Marco Minghetti – Grand Ball at the Officers' Club

Coloriture 2019 – Liceo Classico Marco Minghetti – Grand Ball at the Officers


Coloriture 2019  Liceo Classico Marco Minghetti - For the third consecutive year, the Società di Danza Bolognese has worked on the coloring "Grand Ball Ottocentesco at the Officers' Club", which was attended by some students of Liceo Classico Marco Minghetti.
It was an activity linked to dance music, the culture and atmosphere of European Romanticism. During the lessons were offered to children some dances of the nineteenth-century tradition now, such as waltzes, contraddanze, quadrilles, marches, mazurke, repertorio the Società di Danza. It is danced to the music of the most famous nineteenth-century composers such as Strauss, Von Suppe and Rossini. The business has had its fulfillment, Thursday, 14 February, the Officers Club, on the beautiful Salone d'Onore of Palazzo Grassi; Here students, in costumes provided by the association, They have created a romantic Grand Ball Ottocentesco, putting into practice the dances learned the previous mornings. Being able to wear a dress similar to those seen in the movies and dance in a magnificent hall, They have made the Grand Ball a truly exciting event for the boys who participated.

We thank the Dean Dr.. Fabio Gambetti and the High School Teachers M. Minghetti for also giving us the wonderful opportunity this year to live this wonderful experience.

But a very special thanks go to the students that this year they have participated in the project of colorings 2019 numerous, with enthusiasm, attention and passion, as always giving us many satisfactions.



Programme Dances

Marcia Input, Spanish Waltz, Marcia Fatinitza, Quadriglia Charivari, Waltz Thieving Magpie, Contraddanza The Beau Monde, Mazurka him sneer, Marcia Kossuth, Galop Polka Quick