Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy

He quotes a passage from the National President Società di Danza Dott.Fabio Mollica at the conclusion of the project "Great Balls Rsorgimentali for 150 years of the Unification of Italy ":

"The Cultural Association" Society of Dance "celebrated 150 years of the Unification of Italy by organizing throughout the peninsula, from Piedmont to Puglia, the "Great Balls Risorgimentali".

A project that has deep roots. From 1993 the Società di Danza organizes in Bologna the Grand Ball of the Unification of Italy, to celebrate with a Grand Ball, exactly as did the patriots in the years 1848 to the 1860, the victories of the Risorgimento movement. To celebrate the founding values ​​of the emerging Italian nation: freedom, democracy, economic and social progress.

Inspired by the heartfelt words of President Emeritus Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, and the first President Giorgio Napolitano after, the Società di Danza from 2008 has designed and produced a long series of national events to raise awareness to the theme of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of Italy.

In 2011 the project has reached its peak with the construction of the Grand Ballroom Risorgimentali in dozens of Italian cities with the involvement of a thousand dancers tens of thousands of spectators. It was a great collective effort, subsidized car, made by an association that is a cross-section of civil society, a real movement, he wanted to prove to himself and Italy that associations can and should be a strong engine of cultural growth of a nation.

The Società di Danza is honored to have submitted to the President Giorgio Napolitano 20 March 2011 in the Hall of the Caryatids, Palazzo Reale in Milan, the fruit of their efforts. Is honored to have had at his side in the realization of the project the Military Academy in Modena, the Naval Academy, Carabinieri, the Military Region North; Prefectures of Ferrara, Pavia and Siena; Regions, Provinces and Municipalities; Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Lazio and Campania; Hungarian Academy in Rome and the National Museum in Budapest.

The Grand Ballroom Risorgimentali were realized through the efforts of a thousand members of the Cultural Società di Danza. About thirty teachers have held dance classes in nineteenth-century 2011 throughout Italy, for more than 2500 total hours. It was an event perhaps unique in the world of dance, and the celebrations for the 150th, from the deep sense of social and artistic.

A tribute to the Italian Italians who have made Italy.

From history, a lesson declined to the present time. "

Gran Balli Risorgimentali

Bologna, 1 January 2011, Salone del Podesta, Palazzo Re Enzo

Rome, 29 January 2011, Palazzo Falconieri, Hungarian Academy in Rome

Lecce, 10 March 2011, Teatrino former boarding Palmieri

Milan, 20 March 2011, Royal Palace

Cesano Maderno (My), 27 March 2011, Palazzo Borromeo

Naples, 10 April 2011, Royal Palace

Turin, 17 April 2011, Army Officers Club, Palazzo Pralormo

Ancon, 29 April 2011, Teatro delle Muse

Mirandola (You), 7 May 2011, Piazza Constituent

Leghorn, 14 May 2011, Naval Academy, Piazzale del Brigantino

Salerno, 22 May 2011, Red Room of Casino Social

Pavia, 26 May 2011, Palazzo Malaspina, Prefecture Pavia

Rome, 29 May 2011, Villa Torlonia

Siena, 2 June 2011, Cathedral Square

Stezzano (BG), 2 June 2011, Courtyard Villa Maffeis

Ferrara, 4 June 2011, Piazza del Municipio

Agliè (TO), 5 June 2011, Castle Agliè

Modena, 9 June 2011, Palazzo Ducale, Military Academy

La Maddalena, 11 June 2011, Piazza Umberto I

Imola (BO), 12 June 2011, Piazza Matteotti

Forlì, 18 June 2011, Piazza Saffi

Pisa, 24 June 2011, Piazza dei Cavalieri

Falconara Marittima (AN), 26 June 2011, Piazza Mazzini

Lucca, 16 July 2011, Piazza San Frediano

Budapest, 2 and 6 August 2011, Hungarian National Museum

Lecce, 26 August 2011, Square Arch of Triumph

San Pellegrino Terme (BG), 4 September 2011, Municipal Casino

Turin, 10 September 2011, Barracks Cernaia

Lecco, 1 October 2011, Quadreria Bovara Reina

Mantova, 8 October 2011, Palazzo della Ragione

Monza, 20 November 2011, Villa Reale in Monza

Cultural Association of Società di Danza

President: Fabio Mòllica

National Coordinator: Simonetta Balsamo


Alberti Lucia, Simonetta Balsamo, Netherlands Mariuccia, Beducci Claudio, Bergamini Stefano, Bertaccini Norma, Bertini Bruna, Silvia Bianchi, Brazzoduro Silvia, Field Ines, Cattaneo Beatrice, Ceglia Gianluca, Carla Hill, Eliana Colombo, Fanuli Assunta, Fava Maria Luisa, Gamberini Gabriella, Guerini Lorenza, Lazzari Gloria, Locatelli Chiara, Lodi Roberto, Marchegiano Patrizia, Massetani Lucia, Mòllica Fabio, Pennacchietti Paola, Cristina Pinazzi, Mario Rizzo, Santini Giorgio and Loredana, Susanna Serafini, Storchi Gianluca, Vandelli Linda, Vox Milena, Zaniboni Enrico, Rita Zannoni

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