Dance of the novices and junior high school L. C. Farini 2018

Dance of the novices and junior high school L. C. Farini 2018


With joy and trepidation, even this year, for the fourth consecutive, at the end of year party which was held Tuesday 6 June, pupils of the third classes of Middle School L. C. Farini They have achieved the Grand Ball and rookies. Also in this edition they were attended by over 60 school pupils. In only four practice afternoons, winning their natural shyness and reluctance, the boys have experienced a new way of being together, sneaking in almost all kinds of nineteenth-century tradition of social dances. Tuesday 6 June, in front of their parents and teachers, entering with elegance and composure on the music of Mendelssohn's Athalia march, performed with waltzes Safety, contraddanze, marches and quadrilles nineteenth. They have therefore confirmed that their young age learning is truly amazing and fast.

It was a "rite", a way to mark the transition from middle school to the world of the greatest, made about friendship.

A special thanks goes to teachers of school L.. C. Farini also for giving me the opportunity this year to live and enjoy a wonderful experience with these talented guys who have given us so much satisfaction.

For those interested, the dances will continue in September!

See you next year.